We were just born, yet we have over 20 years of experience behind us.

YAAZ is a Turkish company specializing in the design and production of outdoor furniture and accessories. Born as a spin-off brand of Adasan, a company that has been a leader in furniture production for the contract furniture industry for over twenty-five years.

We are three siblings with personal talents complementing each other and with only one dream: to grow by bringing beauty to the world.

Our mission is to create products capable of improving people’s lives by offering them the highest quality from a technical/functional and aesthetic point of view. Yet, all of this is not enough. It is essential for us to work on more subtle levels that appeal to the senses.

Our products are designed in Italy, made in Turkey, and sold all over the world.

The company headquarters, along with its own production facility, is located in Adana, Turkey. It includes a production area of 47,000 square meters, of which 26,000 square meters is closed. Flexibility and speed are in our DNA. This allows us to deliver quality products in a maximum of eight weeks.

The production plant is equipped with the most innovative technologies that concern the production of aluminum and wood. Die-casting molds are made internally. This allows us to be very competitive in terms of cost and production time.

Our strengths are built by having an international work team that share our values and commit themselves, to the best of their ability, to build the success of YAAZ all over the world.

The color, the fabrics, the textures, and their sensory and expressive qualities are fundamental elements of the project for our designers. Outdoor qualities such as sturdiness, durability, and functionality of materials are elements of primary importance and reason for recognition in the market. YAAZ wants to offer its customers the possibility of expressing themselves in a personal way through customizable choices and exceptional materials.

YAAZ was born because we felt the need to grow further, putting to use all of the skills gained, to create a company with exclusive designer products.

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