YAAZ has this mission;

angelettiruzza design

The newly added yarns to YAAZ colors are chip dyed. Due to the chip dying, there will be no problem of contaminating wastewater. Additionally, since it is a textured yarn, water usage is not an issue in this process.

All these features make these yarns very sustainable, with almost no water used in production.

The key features and advantages that make our YUNN collection yarns preferable are;

* Low heat transfer, hence good for heat insulation.

* Low friction coefficient, resistant to wear.

* Hydrophobic and absorbs little water, resistant to moisture.

* High antibacterial property prevents unwanted odors.

* Does not cause skin irritation or allergy.

* Raw white and dope dyed.

* Available in various options including single color and melange colored (soft-touch and bulky, outdoor polypropylene yarn).