ADI 22

The prestigious courtyard of ADI DESIGN MUSEUM, the temple of Italian design, will host YAAZ products in a circular installation dedicated to poetry.

“We thought of Milan, of the values that guided the design of the products we designed for YAAZ, of the miracle of still being able to face life in a beautiful sharing, of desires and hopes that move human beings in their path of this way, the idea of simply realizing 4 large trees of 4 m. height was born, inspired by the workshops that Master Bruno Munari did with children. On these colorful trees, recalling the popular traditions of the gift trees present all over the world as signs of good omen, we placed 128 CIOPPO’ other words, 128 very very curious little birds”

Therefore, the products are going to be in an affectionate company, encouraged by the presence of this poetic and enchanted little grove, offering themselves as an “auspicious” moment of relaxation.

CIOPPO’s are born from the union of the hands with the heart, from a search for innocence, for inner purity, through decoration.

The elusiveness of art becomes a choral game of souls attentive to the sublime, a boundless source of happiness.

The CIOPPO’s breathe the joy of doing in the absence of thought, liberate themselves from the borders of the individual hands and acquire the potentiality of the multitude, managing to lose every formality with simplicity and making an appearance perfectly open to every intuition and free interpretation.

They are the outcome of a permanent artistic laboratory which carries the hands with simplicity to mark a space, to leave a relief, an inspiration, a possibility.