Salone del Mobile 2023

A calm, quiet, light and vibrant atmosphere for YAAZ stand at Salone del Mobile Milano 2023.

A soft palette inspired by the colors of the earth, lit by the yellow shades of the sun and by the purple and peache tints of the sky at dawn.

“the movement of a curtain blown by the sea breeze has inspired the setting of the stand” this is how the art directors Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza speak about their inspiration “the products that we have designed for YAAZ are comfortable at first sight, they invite you to relax, to profoundly experience a slow time made up of small and precious pleasures that make our everyday life a liturgy.

The simplicity is a great value in our lives, we search for it with commitment in everything we do, a deep breath can change the fate of the day we live...we wish that many people will come to breathe as they will comfortably be seated in YAAZ stand!”.

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